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Two Wheeler Loan in Agra

Two Wheeler Loan in Agra

Agra is a city in U.P (India). The population of Agra is 15.9 Lakhs approximately. Besides that, it is famous for the Taj Mahal. Besides that, the area of the Agra is 87-meter square. If you are a citizen of India and residing in Agra and want to get a two-wheeler loan than you can do so very easily, there are so many banks and non-banking companies that provide you a two-wheeler loan in Agra. The one more important and good thing is that there is no need to go from bank to bank to apply for a two-wheeler loan. You can easily apply for a two-wheeler loan online. Besides that, you have a wide range of options to get a two-wheeler loan. You can choose according to the rates of interest.


Two-wheeler Loan

Like other loans, two-wheeler loan also gives us a financial aid but this time this aid is only to buy a two-wheeler. The loan comes under the secured loans. The loan has very low and reasonable rates of interest.


  1. Age

Age is the major factor that banks check while providing you a two-wheeler loan. Bank or any other lender checks that whether the age of the applicant is more than21 years or not. If it is not so you won’t get a two-wheeler loan.

  1. Income

It is obvious that if someone is lending you the money then he/she will put some checks on your income as well, to check whether you are eligible to repay the loan amount or not. If you don’t have any source of income then you are not eligible to get a two-wheeler loan.

  1. Citizenship

One more important thing is that the applicant should be a citizen of India. He/she should be residing in India as well. If it is not so then he/she isn’t eligible to get a two-wheeler loan.

 Rates of Interest

Basically, the interest rates are 11.50% and onwards, but the rates can vary from time to time.

Documents Required

  1. First of all 2 colored d photographs. (without glasses)
  2. Identity Proof

One identity proof is necessary. This identity proof can be an Aadhaar card /PAN card/voter ID card/Ration Card / Driving Licence/ Passport)

  1. Resident Proof

The bank will ask for a proof of residence, it is mandatory. It can be an Aadhaar card /PAN card/voter ID card/Ration Card / Driving Licence/ Passport/electricity bills of last three months on the name of the applicant with the rental agreement)

  1. Income Proof

One income proof is also needed if you want to apply for a two wheeler loan. (salary slips of last three months / ITR of last three years for self-employed).

Major Banks Providing Two-wheeler Loans

  1. HDFC Bank
  2. ICICI Bank
  3. YES Bank
  4. PNB Bank

Among all the above the HDFC Bank is best for providing two-wheeler loan. the rates of interest are very low in HDFC Bank as compare to other banks.

An easy way to Apply

  1. You just have to search online on goggle.
  2. After that search for Two Wheeler Loan Agra.
  3. An application form will open up.
  4. Fill the application form.


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