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Two Wheeler Loan for Honda Activa 125

Two Wheeler Loan for Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125 is the best selling scooter in the country. The model is admired by the customers because of its good features and extraordinary efficiency. Besides that, the Honda is one of the best and most popular company for the manufacturing two-wheelers in the country. So it is the first preference of each and every customer. If you want to get a two wheeler loan to buy Honda Activa 125 visit .

Features of Honda Activa 125

  1. The scooter has alloy wheels.
  2. Besides that, the scooter has a smooth refined engine.
  3. The ride quality of the bike is good.
  4. The scooter has a large and comfortable seat.
  5. Furthermore, the scooter has a large footboard.
  6. The scooter has disc brakes on option.
  7. The scooter has a big analog-digital instrumental cluster.

Two-wheeler Loan

If you want to get a two-wheeler and having a shortage of money than there is nothing to worry about, there are so many banks and non-banking financial companies that provide you a financial aid. This amount of loan that you borrow particularly to buy a two-wheeler is called a two-wheeler loan. In this loan, you pay some rates of interest to the bank along with the loan amount. However, these rates of interest are very low and affordable in case of two-wheeler loan. besides that, the two-wheeler loan is available all over India.

Eligibility Criteria for Two Wheeler Loan Honda Activa

There are some eligibility criteria’s that customer has to fulfill, only after that, the customer can get a two-wheeler loan.

  1. Age

First of all to apply for a two-wheeler loan the age of the applicant should be 21 years at least. Besides that, the maximum age of the applicant can be 65 years at the end of its tenure.

  1. Income

The income plays an important role in the approval of a two-wheeler loan. first of all the income of the salaried person should be Rs. 7000 per month at least. After that for a self-employed person, it can be Rs. 6000 per month.

  1. Citizenship

The applicant is needed to be a citizen of India, only then he/she can apply for a two-wheeler loan.

Two Wheeler Loan Honda Activa Rates of Interest 

It starts at 11.50% and can be onwards.


  1. Identity Proof

First of all, having an identity card is mandatory to get a two-wheeler loan. This identity proof can be an Aadhaar card /PAN card/voter ID card/Ration Card / Driving Licence/ Passport)

  1. Resident Proof

After the residence proof, a proof of residence is also needed. It can be an Aadhaar card /PAN card/voter ID card/Ration Card / Driving Licence/ Passport/electricity bills of last three months on the name of the applicant with the rental agreement)

  1. Income Proof

One income proof is also required if you want to apply for a two wheeler loan. It can be salary slips of last three months and ITR of last three years for self-employed.

How to Apply?

  1. First of all, you should apply for the two-wheeler loan online on online.
  2. It will save your time and the process will be very hassle-free.
  3. After that, the documentation required is very less.
  4. The rates of interest are very low.
  5. For more information call on 60011600.
  6. Beside all these, the guidance given by the experts will be totally free of cost.

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