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IDBI Bank Two Wheeler Loan

IDBI Bank Two Wheeler Loan

IDBI Bank is a leading financial institution in the country, operating for the past 40 years in the country. The bank was initially a financial institution and later converted into a banking institution on 1st October 2004. The bank was specially invited to set up a stall of theirs in an event organized by the Banking Ombudsman in Goa of the RBI, in view of their quick resolution of complaints by customers. the bank provides two wheeler loan at very rational rates of interest.

Two Wheeler Loan

Two Wheeler Loan is basically an aid provided to a person to buy a to wheeler especially. The rates of interest on a two wheeler loan are quite affordable. Even a common person can apply for a two wheeler loan. You can buy a bike, scooter or even a super premium bike using a two wheeler loan.

Features of Two Wheeler Loan

  1. Two wheeler loan is easily accessible.
  2. After that two wheeler loan is available everywhere.
  3. Two wheeler loan comes under secured loans.
  4. Besides that, there is no collateral is needed in a two wheeler loan.
  5. There is no need of any guarantor in case of a two wheeler loan.
  6. Furthermore, if you are meeting all the requirements of the two wheeler loan then there is no need for any co-applicant.
  7. The rates of interest are very low.
  8. The requirement of the salary is also very low.
  9. The two wheeler loan is approved very easily.
  10. The documentation process is also very easy in a two wheeler loan.


  1. The age of the applicant should be 21 years minimum.
  2. After that he/she should be earning.
  3. The age of the applicant should be less than 65 years.


Rates of Interest

The rates of interest start from 11.50% and can vary from time to time. Basically rate of interest based on various factors like the income of the applicant, amount of loan required to the applicant and the tenure of the loan.


  1. Very basic documents are required to get a two wheeler loan.
  2. First of all two passport sized colored photographs are required to get a two wheeler loan.
  3. After that one proof of identity is required to apply for a two wheeler loan.
  4. Furthermore, one residence proof is also required to apply for a two wheeler loan.
  5. One proof of income is also mandatory to put checks on the income of the applicant.

How to Apply?

  1. You can apply online on the website of bookmyloans.
  2. Visit   on google.
  3. After that, fill the application form online.
  4. Enter your name and contact number carefully.
  5. Along with your contact number enter other information too.
  6. Your contact number is required so that we can call you back to give the information.
  7. You will get all the guidance from the experts.
  8. This process of giving information will be free. You won’t be charged a rupee for this.
  9. You will get complete help until you get a two-wheeler loan.
  10. Bookmyloans is a reliable platform to apply for a two-wheeler loan, though it is India’s first financial helpline. 


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