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HDFC Bank Gold Loan

Gold Loan @ 7%

Apply & Get Instant Money

HDFC Bank Gold Loan Key Features

Loan Amount
Up to Rs. 1 Crore (With Income Proof)
HDFC Gold Loan Interest Rate 7.0% per annum
HDFC Gold Loan Per Gram
Rate Per Gram Today is ₹ 4680
Processing Fee
1.50% of the Principal Loan Amount
Prepayment Charges
2%+GST (Within 3 Months), 0 (After 3 months)
Repayment Tenure
3 Months to 24 Months
Repayment Scheme
Bullet Payment Scheme, Overdraft Scheme

Advantages of the HDFC Bank Gold loan

  • Blasting Process- HDFC Bank Gold Loan is seen and supervised quickly and with no issue. The credit gets went in an hour.
  • Less Documentation- The documentation cycle is snappy and less, vital records are required for the HDFC Bank gold credit.
  • Direct System: The bank gives full straightforwardness to the customer; that is, there is no guaranteed about charges.
  • The degree of Loan- The base degree of advance that HDFC Bank obliges the customer is Rs. 15000. Moreover, It can be not as much as Rs. 10000 in like manner spaces.
  • The flourishing of Jewelry- One titanic thing to note is that the bank is subject positively to the security of your gold. In like manner, the gold is ensured in fire security.
  • Advance Tenure- The residency of the improvement can be from 3 months to 2 years. In like way, You can pick according to your comforts.
  • Ideal conditions for Farmers- HDFC bank gives some gigantic proposals for ordinary purposes. That is, the bank offers a slight low Gold credit financing cost for a Gold improvement for agrarian use.
  • No Debt Burden- There can be conditions in which an up-and-comer can’t repay the improvement all out in such a case the up-and-comer won’t be under commitments as the bank will fundamentally take the embellishments.
  • Safety- Bank also offers complete safety of jewels and there is no risk of losing jewellery in any way.
  • Minimal Processing Fee-  it also offers minimal processing fees to the customers
  • Prepayment Charges- HDFC Bank allows prepayment of jewel loans with 2% only if closed within 3 months charges.
  • Interest Rate- Lower Interest Rate for special, classic and women customers as existing customers can negotiate the rate of interest with the banks from which they want a loan. Uniquely this Bank provides Loan at the low rate of interest to the customer
  • Instant Loan- HDFC Bank provides Gold Loan instantly and includes no formalities
  • Disbursement– It offers quick disbursals in few minutes.

How Much Gold Loan can I Get through HDFC Bank Gold Loan

HDFC Bank Gold Loan Eligibility


18-70 years of age



Employment Status

Salaried, Self-Employed

Gold Quality

Minimum 18 Carats

  • The age of the Applicant should be a minimum of 21 and up to 65 years, then only the customer will be eligible for taking the loan from HDFC Bank.
  • He/She should have a stable source of income so that they can pay EMI on the time.
  • Applicant must have Purity of Gold 18karat-24karat.

HDFC Bank Gold Loan Documents Required


2 Passport Size

Identity Proof

Aadhar Card, Passport, PAN Card, etc. (Only 1 is required)

Residence Proof

Aadhar Card, Driving License, Ration Card, etc. In the case of Rented House then the rent agreement or water/electricity bills for the last three months can be considered. (Only 1 is required)

In HDFC Bank Gold Loan, the bank does not check your CIBIL score for the approval of your Gold loan neither asked you to submit your salary or income source proof. Only Basic KYC documents required that are

  • A valid Driving License – The Driving License also contains proper details of the customer like the photograph, name, address, date of birth and all required detail. A valid Driving License here means which has not been expired and is valid for further years.
  • A Passport – A valid passport means the passport which is not yet expired and is valid. The passport is an important document because it contains the name, age, address and photograph of the customer.
  • Voter’s ID Card – a voter’s ID card serves as a valid identity proof of the customer as it is also made after proper verification. A voter’s ID Card issued by the Election Commission of India is also required for the sanction of a gold loan.
  • Aadhar Card –  contains all the required details of the customer including biometrics like name, age, address, date of birth, details about the parents, etc. issued by the UIDAI after proper verification.
  • PAN Card – It is a Permanent Account Number Card which is a very important document in the Know Your Customer (KYC) formality because it is required because it helps in preventing money related frauds in banks.

HDFC Bank Gold Loan Interest Rate, Fees and Charges

Gold Loan Interest Rate

7.00% per annum

Processing Fee

1.50% of the Principal Loan Amount

Prepayment/Foreclosure Charges

2%+GST (Within 3 Months), 0 (After 3 months)

Valuation Fee

Rs 250 for a loan up to Rs 1.5 lacs and Rs 500 for a loan over and above Rs 1.5 lacs

Late Repayment Charges

2% p.a. + Applicable rate of interest.

Renewal Processing Fees

Rs 350 + GST

  • In HDFC Bank gold loan Interest Rate starts from 11% onwards.
  • Prepayment charges range from nil to 1% of loan principal prepaid
  • The repayment period is also there in HDFC Bank which is 6 months to 4 years
  • HDFC Bank charges a Minimum Processing fee for a Gold loan that is 0-0.5%.

About HDFC Bank Gold Loan

Life is flooding with inadequacies. In like manner, you may envision that money should switch up to budgetary snags for a stunning term. For this condition, you can get a Gold Loan to fight with the cash related crisis. A gold credit is ensured about the astonishing new unforeseen development. Fittingly, people with low CIBIL scores can, in like manner enough piece of room this alliance. HDFC Bank Gold Loan is incomprehensibly stood isolated from other gold advances in India.

Regardless, there is a gigantic proportion of cash related banking and non-banking affiliations that give you a gold credit; in any case, HDFC Bank Gold Loan is viewed as the best. It is one of the most expected and solid banks in India. In like manner, It is known for its stunning cash identified with affiliations.

HDFC Bank is one of the most trustworthy firms in India. It provides financial and banking services to the customers at an attractive rate of interest. Bank offers both Wholesale and Retail banking in India. HDFC bank provides different loans to the customer like Gold Loan, Business Loan, Education Loan, and Agriculture Loan. Then this is the right opportunity to fulfil your dreams. After proper verification and evaluation of Gold, the loan has been sanctioned. The loan against gold is known to be a Gold loan which is sanctioned in return of gold ornaments. Special rate of interest offers to the HDFC Bank customers and account bank holder in the HDFC Bank. Many Banks offer a lower rate of interest for gold loans of high tenure and a higher rate of interest for gold loans of low tenure. But it is not like with the HDFC bank. HDFC Bank offers a gold loan with a tenure of 3 months to 24 months.

  • HDFC Bank Gold Loan Interest Rate is 7.0% per annum
  • HDFC Bank Gold Loan Per Gram is ₹ 5,268
  • HDFC Bank Gold Loan Tenure: Up to 24 months
  • HDFC Gold Loan Processing Fee is Up to 1.50% of the Loan Amount + GST

Gold Loan Schemes by HDFC Bank

  • EMI Scheme
  • Bullet Repayment Scheme
  • Overdraft Scheme

Easiest Way of Applying for Loan

You can easily apply for the Gold Loan in HDFC Bank. There are two methods of applying one is offline and the other is online. In the offline process, you need to visit the branch of the bank and there have to fill the form. After that, they will let you know the required documents and eligibility. In case of online Process, you need to visit, there you will find an application form where you have to provide very accurate information. Just after filing, the customer representative of the HDFC Bank will contact you and confirm some of your detail and let you know if you are eligible or not. After confirming eligibility they will fix your appointment with the banker. The banker will pick up the documents from your doorstep. In the online process, you just need to visit the bank once at the time of the deposition of Gold and sanctioning of the loan at the same time. But if you still have doubts then go visit or you can also contact the customer representative and banker. Go and Apply now and get instant approval.

Types of HDFC Bank Gold Loan

HDFC Bank offers various plans identified with the Gold Loan thing which are recorded underneath:

  • Advance Against Gold – HDFC Bank gives Gold Loan at joining with overhauls major to fulfil anyone’s crucial needs of central focuses under any conditions, whether individual or star. The gold credit is totally ensured about such advances, and along these lines, the bank has no threat in ascribing them all out to the up-and-comer, so it is given at an incredibly more moderate improvement of premium when meandered from various kinds of Loan things.
  • Advance Against Gold for Agriculture – HDFC Bank gives Gold Loans expressly to agribusiness purposes to farmers at a notable improvement of intensity when kept from gold advances given for various occupations. They are given dumbfounding offers, and you need to give the bank Land request to which you are taking the Loan.

HDFC Bank Gold Loan EMI Calculator

Rate of Interest
6 months
1 Yr
2 Yrs
3 Yrs
7.00% 17008 8652 4477 3088
8.00% 17058 8699 4523 3134
8.50% 17082 8722 4546 3157
9.00% 17107 8745 4568 3180
9.50% 17131 8678 4591 3203
10.00% 17156 8791 4614 3227
10.50% 17181 8815 4637 3250
11.00% 17205 8838 4661 3274
11.50% 17230 8861 4684 3298
12.00% 17254 8885 4707 3321
12.50% 17279 8908 4731 3345
13.00% 17304 8932 4754 3369
13.50% 17329 8955 4778 3393
14.00% 17354 8979 4801 3418
14.50% 17378 9002 4825 3442
15.00% 17403 9026 4845 3466

How to Pay Your HDFC Gold Loan EMI?

Your HDFC Bank gold movement can be repaid in going into three interstates.

  • Standing Instruction (SI): If you are a current record holder with  HDFC Bank, Standing Instruction is the most reliable viewpoint for pay. Your EMI entire will be ascribed thusly towards the month’s decision to the month’s time back from the HDFC Bank account you show.
  • Electronic Clearing Service (ECS): This program can be applied on the off chance that you have a non-HDFC Bank record and may require your EMIs to be charged subsequently close to the farthest uttermost degrees of the month to month cycle from this record.
  • Post-Dated Checks (PDC): You can introduce post-dated EMI evaluations from a non-HDFC Bank introduction at your nearest HDFC Bank Loan Center. Another separation in PDCs ought to be introduced right away. It will stun on the off chance that you note Post Dated Checks will be amassed non-ECS states as is typically said.

HDFC Bank Gold Loan Contact Number

Call 9878981144 and get second help and sponsorship for your HDFC Bank Gold Loan. You can know the best suggestion on Gold Loan open from all the HDFC Bank Branches all through the nation to profit the best approach fitting to your necessities.

Gold Ornaments Accepted by HDFC Bank

Gold Jewelry: For example, Gold Bangles, Gold rings, Gold anklets, Gold embellishments, and so on these are seen by HDFC Bank for profiting a Gold Loan.

Quality: The possibility of gold ought to be between 18 Carat to 22 Carat. Any gold coordinating which is 24 Carat, can’t be utilized for profiting a gold credit.

Use of HDFC Bank Gold Loan

  • The positive conditions ensured about by profiting the HDFC Bank Gold Loan alliance can be used for a couple of reasons, for instance,
  • To help the unequivocal theory, for instance, marriage, climbing, a hint of forefront arranging cost packs, etc.
  • For all your inciting necessities, for instance, purchasing new deftly, making publicizing, thusly, utilizing a credit association is available.
  • You can use other than profit by a Gold Loan for green considerations. The bank gives lower expenses of enormous for Gold Loans that are utilized for making or related endeavours.

Gold Loan Interest Rate of Major Banks


 Interest Rates

HDFC Bank Gold Loan

7.00% – 14.50%

ICICI Gold Loan

7.00% – 16.10%
Muthoot Finance Gold Loan

7.00% – 24.00%

Axis Bank Gold Loan

7.00% – 17.00%
Manappuram Gold Loan

7.00% – 26.00%

Yes Bank Gold Loan

7.00% – 15.99%
Bank of India Gold Loan

7.00% – 26.00%

Federal Bank Gold Loan 

7.00% – 13.50%
IIFL Gold Loan

7.00% – 12.00%

Central Bank of India Gold Loan

7.00% – 14.65%

Canara Bank Gold Loan

7.00% – 12.65%

Allahabad Bank Gold Loan

7.00% – 10.45%

Induslnd Bank Gold Loan

7.00% – 15.75%
PNB Gold Loan

7.00% – 11.75%

Bajaj Finance Gold Loan

7.00% – 26%
SBI Gold Loan

7.00% – 15.99%

Indian Bank Gold Loan

7.00% – 15.99%
UCO Bank Gold Loan

7.00% – 26.00%

Kotak Mahindra Bank Gold Loan

7.00% – 13.50%
Syndicate Bank Gold Loan

7.00% – 12.00%

FAQs About HDFC Bank Gold Loan

  • What is HDFC Bank Gold Loan?

Take advantage of your inactive gold with HDFC Bank’s appealing gold advances. Get a credit shortly over the counter with insignificant documentation and straightforward charges.

  • How can I get the Gold Loan from HDFC Bank?

You can get HDFC Bank Gold Loan by visiting any of the gold headway duties parts of HDFC Bank, or you can apply online with bookmyloan from the comfort of your home and get the best strategies and offers. HDFC Bank is one of the public banks in India that gives the Gold Loan course of action.

  • What is Gold Loan Interest Rate in HDFC Bank?

The Gold Loan Interest Rate in HDFC Bank is 7.0% per annum.

  • How much Gold Loan can I get per gram in HDFC Bank?

You can get HDFC Bank Gold Loan by visiting any of the gold improvement obligations parts of HDFC Bank, or you can apply online with bookmyloan from the comfort of your home and get the best framework and offers. HDFC Bank is one of the key banks in India that gives the Gold Loan alliance.

  • How to check Gold Loan status in HDFC Bank?

To check your HDFC Bank Gold Loan status, you ought to just visit the HDFC Bank Loan Status Tracker site page and fill in your nuances in the structure given. You can no weaknesses, and, or buts follow the status of your progress from any spot and remain reinforced.

  • How to calculate Gold Loan Interest in HDFC Bank?

You can get a limit with the centrality on your HDFC Bank Gold Loan using EMI Calculator which gives you cautious totals subject to the information you go into the calling.

  • How to Pay HDFC Bank Gold Loan Interest Online?

You can pay the HDFC Bank Gold Loan premium online through net ward upon the authority HDFC Bank advance repayment page or clearly, you can in like way repay your HDFC Bank Gold Loan on Paytm using you’re kept up the opening system.

  • What if I can’t pay the interest on HDFC Gold Loan for 3 months?

If you don’t pay your HDFC Bank Gold Loan for 3 months, the bank will shape the starting to help you with examining your pushing toward commitment. If the part requests go unheard, a power genuine bearing is sent proposing the repayment and finish of the new unforeseen new development. Defaulting on your Gold Loan achieves a lessening of your FICO evaluation other than make you zeroed in on testing certifiable exercises by the bank including the seizure and offer of your gold.

  • How can I apply for EMI Moratorium on HDFC Gold Loan?

You can apply for EMI Moratorium on HDFC Bank Gold Loan now between the rule March and 31st August 2020 and must be done by appearing at the Bank customer care or visiting the nearest HDFC Bank office.